September 16, 2014

Just Fix It

It is election time and we do not care who’s fault it is, please, just FIX IT!!! Unemployment is sky high with no end in sight so please, just fix it. We have had enough of President Obama’s CHANGE, he has been in office almost three and a half years and things have gone from bad to worse; Republicans, please just fix it. Here in the United States we have elections every four years and it never seems that anything ever gets done. Our elected officials are voted in to office to be the voice of the American People. President Obama was elected into office as a representative of the American People and he and his party have done nothing but ignore the American People. I have not heard President Obama even talk about cutting spending; Oh excuse me I forgot, he closed down our space program which is disgraceful and an embarrassment. Now his new campaign slogan is called FORWARD! He wants us to move forward so we can forget how many of the Americans who voted him into office are now unemployed. He wants us to forget about how many of us have lost not just our homes, but everything we had. He wants us to forget the AMERICAN DREAM, which during his reign of terror, is almost extinct. The United States of America used to be one of the most respected countries in the world, and now I am almost ashamed to call my self an American. Let us not forget one of the first things that President Obama attempted when he first came into office, he wanted to abolish the presidential term limits. That should have sent a message loud and clear to the American People.

It is time for the Republican Party to rule once again, and this time do something for the American people instead of taking from the American People. Just fix it, as this is what the American People want. We want the American Dream back and we want our jobs back, so JUST FIX IT! For once do something for the American People and just fix it. I want to be able to once again say I am proud to be an American so I say a tattoo that would send a strong message would be, JUST FIX IT!!! JUST FIX IT with red, white, and blue colors. Every who believes in Americans for Prosperity need to show their support of the American Dream and get a JUST FIX IT TATTOO!!!! I am a very strong right wing Republican and I am asking Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republicans to please, just fix it! All the blame game is doing is causing suffering for the American People. Remember Mitt, we are voting for you because we want you to Just Fix It and stop playing the blame game. Just fix it so the American People can once again regain the American Dream. Just fix it so millions of Americans can go back to work. Just fix it so all Americans can once again prosper.

Lettering tattoos

Do you like lettering?  We have all different fonts of lettering tattoos available to choose from.  From upper case to lower case to cursive writing.  We also have lettering tattoos available in different languages so if you have something to say, we can put it in a lettering tattoo in a variety of different languages. At Creative Tattoo Ideas we have a variety of lettering tattoos. Personally I have lettering tattoos of my son’s name on my back. There are capital letters of lettering tattoos, lower case letters of lettering tattoos. Very popular lettering tattoos are those of Asian lettering in Chinese and Japanese. There are Roman numeric lettering tattoos and cursive style lettering tattoos. There are letter tattoos in Hebrew and Arabic. There are also so different styles of lettering tattoos such as Calibri, arial, and Algerian styles. There are lettering tattoo of Berlin, Bernard, and Broadway styles. We have lettering tattoos of century, chiller, and comic styles. Some people like lettering tattoos of names. A variety of lettering tattoos are commonly found with the IN MEMORY OF TATTOOS. The are so many different styles of memory tattoos to choose from and the possibilities are endless. I do have some advice about lettering tattoos and my advice is this, if you are going to get a lettering tattoo, be sure you give it a lot of thought. If a lettering tattoo is of a girlfriend or boyfriend and there is a break up, that lettering tattoo is there forever or it can be removed but it will some money not to mention the fact that it is painful. I always wanted a lettering tattoo and the reason I picked the name of my son was because I knew I would never regret it no matter what as he will always be my son and I will always be his mother.